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"Most people think the only way to develop strength, shape lean muscle, and improve quality of life is through traditional weight training. But that is simply not true. I believe that functional training, Pilates, and other alternative forms of strength training are more effective for reaching these goals.”

maria slemko

Mind & Body Coordinator / Mature Adult Fitness Specialist / Yoga Specialist


Gifted with a soothing voice, tranquil demeanor, and bright smile, Maria has become a fan favorite with our senior clientele. Although she enjoys working with beginners and active older adults, Maria’s client base is diverse from young too old. Her fitness philosophy is to educate her clients; and to train them — athletes and non-athletes — in a functional and integrative way while emphasizing the importance of core strength, balance, and flexibility. “I don’t want my clients to just be strong lifting weights in the gym, but rather, I want them to be strong outside the gym in their regular life”. Maria’s experience in the fitness field began in 1992 after graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in psychology. She earned her Group Exercise and Strength & Conditioning Specialist certifications through the Canada YMCA in 1996 and has been a certified AFAA Personal Trainer since 2001. “I like to approach exercise – both training and yoga – with a sense of play. The best part is, before you know it, you’re working hard and sweating and you didn’t even see it coming.”