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Paul UnderwoodIMPTA FAQ's
Paul Underwood, PT, CSCS, Cert MDT
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In Motion Fitness, Inc. has been recognized for its premier personal fitness and wellness training services since 2005. In 2009, In Motion Physical Therapy Associates was launched and is now known for its revolutionary management of spine and extremity musculoskeletal injuries.


Our mission is simple: Deliver the "best care" to injured patients, based on the best evidence available, and change the current system of managing musculoskeletal pain and injury.


The scrutiny that evidence-based guidelines have placed upon the medical system has forced payers and providers to reconsider which methods of care should be reimbursed and which should be disallowed. In Motion Physical Therapy Associates utilizes the Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy (MDT) approach for the spine and extremities. The MDT assessment is the only assessment tool that has been proven to be both valid and reliable, and is supported in medical literature. The MDT approach has been proven to result in better functional outcomes in fewer number of visits and decreased courses of treatment, decreased utilization of ineffective, inefficient procedures, and increased overall patient satisfaction. The goal of this approach is to categorize patients as responders or nonresponders to mechanical therapy. Responders are treated with mechanical therapy, according to lesion classification and behavior, directional movement preference, and symptom response. Patients are provided relevant education about their condition and involved their own management. Passive procedures may be utilized, but are not the sole constituent of care. Nonresponders to mechanical therapy are identified in one to three visits and referred back to reenter the continuum of care.


It is our goal to exceed the expectations of our customers, not only in the area of clinical expertise, but also in customer service and satisfaction. Unlike many of our competitors, we guarantee that all physical therapy interventions will be provided only by a licensed physical therapist, without exception. Each patient will receive a comprehensive initial evaluation, including mechanical assessment, by a licensed physical therapist. The establishment of an individualized plan of care, therapy goals, frequency, and duration of the physical therapy program will follow. Patient visits will be scheduled one on one; multiple patient visits will never occur simultaneously. Knowledge, expertise, and experience combined with a friendly, hometown approach to customer care; that's the experience we want our patients to have with our company.
  • Physician referral not required to be evaluated.
  • Self pay only; insurance not accepted.

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