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In Motion Fitness, Inc. introduces prepared meals. These are nutritionally balanced meals that are made to accommodate each and every individuals needs. With everyone’s busy schedule these days, time is one of the main factors in not eating healthy. This is why we decided to make it even easier for you to make healthy decisions, as well as, save time and money!

These meals are available in 4 different options: Weight Loss, Weight Maintenance, Muscle Mass, Exercise Enthusiast, and Protein Bars. Each meal is customized to meet each person's needs and goals. If you have any food allergies or dislike certain items, the meals can be modified to meet your specific needs (i.e. allergies to peanuts, or if you dislike mushrooms, peppers etc.).

Weight Loss(WL) Weight Management
Muscle Mass(MM) Exercise Enthusiast Protein Bars
The Weight Loss meals consist of 3-4 oz. of protein, 1/3 cup of starchy carbohydrates, and 1/2 cup vegetables. The Weight Maintenance meals consist of 4 - 5 oz of protein, 2/3 starchy carbohydrates, and 1 cup of vegetables. The Muscle Mass meals consist of 5 - 6 oz of protein, 1 cup of starchy carbohydrates, and 1 1/3 cup of vegetables. The Exercise Enthusiast consist of 4 - 5 oz of protein, 1 1/2 cup of starchy carbohydrates, and 1 cup of vegetables. Homemade blueberry, cranberry, and chocolate.

Protein Bars

Blueberry Pro Bar
A new flavor of our original Pro Bar. Made with blueberries. Good as a snack or a meal on the go. There is simply nothing bad for you in this homemade protein bar plus you have the benefit of the antioxidant properties of the blueberries!. All natural nuts, blueberries, and sweetness. 4 points-330 calories 20 grams of protein! 20 carbs. 5-7 grams of fiber.

Chocolate Pro Bar
Just like the original PRO BAR except it's flavored with semi-sweet mini morsels and chocolate protein powder. It still has all the benefits of the nuts and oatmeal, but with the chocolate we all love. 5 points-Calories 365-Carbohydrates 24.7g-Dietary Fiber 4g-Sugar 10g-Protein 20g.

Cranberry Pro Bar
If you have not tried one, what are you waiting for? A protein bar that can't be beat! Good as a snack or a meal on the go. There is simply nothing bad for you in this homemade protein bar. All natural nuts, cranberry, cherries, and sweetness. 4 points-330 calories 20 grams of protein! 20 carbs. 5-7 grams of fiber.

Example Menu
(IMPORTANT NOTE: The menu goes out on Mondays and all orders must be in by Wednesday at 5pm to order for the following week. Meals are delivered by noon (at the latest) on Monday.)

Lean 93/7 Platinum ham, eggs and low fat Swiss cheese all scrambled up for a power packed start to your day, with a side of seasoned roasted potatoes. A delicious breakfast without the hassle of making it yourself!
Try this wrap on for size, it is something different yet power packed and taste great. Pico De Gallo with fresh cilantro, spinach leafs and a few other spices, eggs, lean turkey bacon and low fat two cheese blend. SPICE UP YOUR MORNING! .

This light meal has sliced char grilled chicken, a side of French's Dijon Mustard, and a side of potato salad that is to die for. The potato salad is made from scratch with red russet potato, eggs, light mayo, green peppers and onion. Enjoy!

Here is a soup you will love on a cold day. We are making a traditional Minestrone soup, with a healthy touch. Chopped chicken with pasta, celery, carrots, tomatoes, mixed beans and onions. Slowed cooked in our made from scratch broth for a delicious hot soup.

Pulled pork shoulder seasoned with spices and slow roasted and served with our sensational BBQ sauce. We'll add homemade cole slaw and baked beans for the side. You will love it.

Old fashioned Sheppard’s Pie, we use 93/7 lean ground beef layered with onions, corn, mashed potatoes in a brown sauce. Then we bake it and top it with a sprinkle of Cheddar cheese. You with love this old fashioned dish on a cold winter day.

It can't get any better for you than a 93/7 lean Turkey patties seasoned with green onion, feta cheese crumbles, chopped spinach and charbroiled. Served with spicy small red potatoes and California Blend Vegetables (cauliflower, broccoli and carrots).

Meals can also be adjusted for children as well. With the growing number of obesity among children it is very important that parents set an example for their kids, and what better way than with these prepared nutritional meals!

If you have any additional questions or would like to sign up for these meals please send a email to
Erin ([email protected]) These meals can also be purchased by non-In Motion Fitness Clients.

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