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  1. (Q) Why IMPTA?

    (A) High quality service providing the best care using the only clinically proven evidence based methods available today.

  2. (Q) Who will be providing my physical therapy?

    (A) At IMPTA all physical therapy interventions will be provided by the only licensed and MDT certified physical therapist in the LKN area; no exceptions. IMPTA does not utilize physical therapy assistants or aides in the provision of physical therapy.

  3. (Q) What is MDT?

    (A) MDT stands for mechanical diagnosis and treatment. MDT was developed by Robin McKenzie, a New Zealand physical therapist. The MDT process begins with a mechanical assessment. The MDT assessment is the only assessment that has been proven to be both valid and reliable and is supported in the medical literature. The utilization of MDT allows clinicians to classify musculoskeletal pain and injury, and then categorize conditions as "responders" or "non-responders" to mechanical therapy. This process typically results in greater efficiency and utilization of physical therapy interventions and results in fewer numbers of visits necessary to resolve patient' s musculoskeletal complaints. www.mckenziemdt.org

  4. (Q) What kind of conditions can I be evaluated and treated for at IMPTA?

    (A) IMPTA provides outpatient physical therapy services for musculoskeletal pain and / or injury to the spine and / or extremities.

  5. (Q) Will my physical therapist also be providing physical therapy to other patients at the same time during my visit?

    (A) Never. Each patient will receive individual time and service for the total length of the patient encounter, for what we call one-on-one care. IMPTA patients will never be evaluated or treated during the same encounter time as other patients, no exceptions.

  6. (Q) Why does IMPTA not accept health insurance?

    (A) In today's market the cost of collecting from insurance companies drives companies to strategize and reduce operating costs per visit by reducing the amount of 1 on 1 time from the therapist. In addition co-pays are becoming increasingly higher and the traditional average number of visits is remaining constant, causing more out of pocket dollars to be spent by patients. Because all treatments provided by IMPTA come from a physical therapist using the MDT approach, the average number of visits needed is reduced. This means, although we do not accept health insurance, our patients out of pocket expense is actually reduced due to the decrease in visits needed to show improvements in their condition.

  7. (Q) How do I get started?

    (A) Call 704-660-0096 or email [email protected] to schedule your initial evaluation. No referral necessary.

  8. (Q) What will take place during a session?

    (A) In advance of your session, your In Motion Fitness, Inc. health and fitness professional will plan a workout for you. The planned workout incorporates various modalities of training such as: functional training, resistance training, free weight training, cardiovascular training, core strengthening, balance, agility and flexibility. Your program may vary each time you train.

* Please be advised that all patients will be required to participate actively in the management of their condition. The lack of patient participation can drastically reduce the possibility of a successful outcome.

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